Agrigento – Day 1 – Part 6 – A Surprising End to A Fun Day

It was difficult to focus on the old radios that were on display at the Chiesa di San Lorenzo, when we were surrounded by such lovely paintings and stucco work.  Even though it is now deconsecrated, the church is still a place that is well worth visiting in Agrigento.

The Palazzo della Camera di Commercio, also known as the Palazzo dell’Orologio, in honor of the clock that adorns the facade, dates from 1851, and was designed by the architect, Tommaso Gravanti.

After a brief rest back at the apartment, and a change of clothes, we headed out for a Saturday night on the town.  We had made dinner reservations earlier in the day at the restaurant Sal8, and so, that was our first stop of the evening.  We had a nice dinner, on the second floor of the restaurant.  Our plates included caponata with pistachios, stuffed fried sardines, grilled swordfish, as well as another stewed fish.

The food was followed by glasses of sweet, dessert wine.

To our surprise, when we left the restaurant, we discovered the streets of the old town to be packed with people, out having a good time.  We spent the next hour or so, walking up and down the main shopping street of the city, stopping every now and then for a glass of wine, and just taking in the celebratory mood that seemed to overflow from the people.  It was wonderful!


Next up: We visit the Valley of the Temples, and the Archaeological Museum of Agrigento!


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