Palermo – Day 2 – Part 3 – Delicious Ice Cream and A Beautiful Garden

On Via dell’Università, on the facade of the building that houses the university’s Faculty of Law, there is a plaque in honor of Pietro Amodei, who was the first Sicilian martyr of the Revolution of 1848.  This is the spot where the clash with the Neapolitan Calvary took place, which cost Amodei his life.

In Piazza Bellini, you will find the Teatro Bellini, which dates from 1726.  Before the construction of Palermo’s two main theaters, Teatro Massimo and Teatro Politeama, this was considered to be one of the most important opera houses in Palermo.  It would later be abandoned, and has only been reopened as a museum since 2019.

Nearby, you will find the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa.

In the middle of a warm Sicilian afternoon, there is nothing more appealing than some gelato!

The Giardino Garibaldi, also known as Villa Garibaldi, in Piazza Marina, was our next stop of the day.  This lovely small park dates from 1861, and was designed by the architect, Giovan Battista Filippo Basile.

No park named after a famous patriot would be complete without a bust or statue of the hero.  Below is a photo of the bust of Garibaldi, in the garden.

Among the other busts that can be found in the park, there is one dedicated to Nicolae Balcescu, who lost his life in Palermo in 1852.

For dinner that night, we made a reservation at a restaurant about a fifteen-minute walk away from the apartment, called Scjabaca.  The place is owned by two sisters, and they specialize in creative interpretations of traditional Sicilian food.  The meal was wonderful!  The food and wine were delicious, and we ended our second day in Palermo on a lovely note!

The sautéed escarole, served with burrata and pistachios from Bronte, was one of my favorite plates of the night.


Next up: We continue to unravel the mysteries of Palermo!


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