Orta San Giulio – Day 2 – Part 4 – A Solitary Painter

The small church found on Via Gippini, the Chiesa di San Rocco, dates from 1631.

A plaque marked the house where the professor, Antonio Poli, was born in 1901.

When you find yourself in Orta San Giulio, do yourself a favor, and spend a few minutes walking through the gardens behind the Town Hall.  The walls of the garden are decorated with a few plaques, memorializing events or personages who have made a difference in the town, and at the end of the garden, you will be rewarded with beautiful lake views.

In the gardens, you will find a bust of the international dance star, Germinal Casado.  Casado fell in love with the Lago di Orta and the town, and made it his home in the 1970s.  He stayed there until his death in 2016.  The bust is the work of the sculptor, Gilberto Capo.

There was another piece of art that was situated right at the lake’s edge, which I found extremely beautiful in its simplicity.  It was a statue of a man painting the lake.  Everything about the statue was so very lifelike that one could not help but want to look at the man’s canvas, to see how the picture he was working on was progressing.


Next up: We enjoy our last day in Orta San Giulio!


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