Oleggio Castello – Day 3 – Castello Dal Pozzo – Part 2

The Sala Rossa, or the Red Room, still retains the original wall covering that gave the room its name.  The Visconti coat of arms is seen over the doorway, and the Dal Pozzo family tree hangs on the adjacent wall.

The next room one enters is the Sala Biliardo, or the Billiard Room.

The Salone Centrale, or the Central Hall, was designed to copy the Robing Room in the House of Lords of the English Parliament.

The Sala delle Armature, or the Hall of Armor, takes its name from the two complete suits of armor that rest above the fireplace.

The room also contains a portrait of a young girl in Spanish style dress, who would later become the infamous Nun of Monza!

After we were finished with the interior of the castle, we proceeded to walk around the grounds, behind the building, passing the second restaurant associated with the resort, where we would be having dinner, later that evening.

The gatekeeper’s house looked charming, and would have made a nice guest house.

On Sunday evenings, weather permitting, the hotel hosted a barbecue dinner at the Dan Garden Lounge, which was pictured earlier in this post.  It was a set menu, and you got three courses: an antipasto, a plate of grilled meats and vegetables, and then, dessert.  Drinks were available at an additional cost.  We were one of only three tables that night, but we had a nice time, and the food was good.


Next up: We begin a new journey through Italy, with a stop at the charming lakeside town of Orta San Giulio!


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