All Roads Lead to Rome – Day 2 – Part 1 – Exploring the Edges of Trastevere

As you explore the city of Rome, at some point, you are bound to come upon a small gold stone set into the pavement.  These are memorials to the citizens of Rome who lost their lives in the Holocaust.  The golden stones are usually placed in front of the building where the deceased lived.  We discovered one around the corner from our apartment, honoring Amedeo Di Cori, who lost his life in Auschwitz.

Walking past the now shuttered Alcazar Club in Trastevere, I was reminded of one of my first prolonged stays in the city, back in the 1980s.  At that time, the space hosted a popular dance club, and I fondly remember the nights I spent there.

A plaque marks the spot where the comic actor, Alberto Sordi, was born.  The actual building no longer stands, but that does not mean his birthplace is forgotten.

The wine bar pictured below is a very popular spot with both, locals and tourists.  There are only a handful of tables, so if you are passing by, and see one empty, take it, and have a glass or two, while you watch the crowds pass by!

The Area Giochi “Claudio” is a playground for children in Piazza di San Cosimato.  What makes it stand out from all other playgrounds is the fact that it has a supply of toys for children to play with and enjoy, while they are there.

The Istituto Orsoline di Maria Immacolata can be found at Via Dandolo, #46.  The institute offers pilgrims and tourists rooms to rent, at affordable prices.


Next up: We continue up the hill, over Trastevere, to explore more of Rome!


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