Abano Terme – Day 3 – Part 2 – And Then, There Was Sun!

At the end of last week’s post, we were on the grounds of the Santuario della Beata Vergine della Salute, seeking shelter from the rain inside a small grotto with an existing chapel, while the birds from the pen, pictured above, roamed around us, looking for something to eat.

After about twenty minutes, the rain began to slow down and, eventually, it stopped.  We took that opportunity to explore a bit more of the sanctuary’s grounds.  We followed some signs pointing behind the sanctuary, to an area that was lined with tiny handmade villages, known as “presepes.”

The sanctuary had its own supply of thermal water!

Near the entrance to the main church of the sanctuary, a small staircase leads to an underground chapel that marks the spot where Pietro Falco immersed himself in the healing spring waters, after being instructed to do so by the Virgin.

We still had more than an hour, before the church would open up again, so we decided not to wait, but instead to head back into town, and enjoy the thermal waters at the hotel.

At Via Tito Livio, #5, you will find the Cimitero Comunale, or the Municipal Cemetery.

Back at the hotel, we soaked in the thermal waters for an hour or so, and, then, showered and dressed for dinner.  We ate at a restaurant called Ristorante Sotto Sotto.  Even though the food was okay, I do not think most people go to this place just for the food.  First of all, it was packed!  Every table was taken with locals, who were laughing, eating, and having a good time.  The atmosphere was almost like being at a private function, similar to a wedding reception, especially when the band began to play, and everyone got up to dance to disco hits and oldies.  Overall, it was a fun night, and not what we had expected at all!


Next up: We head to our next destination, to the city of Bologna!


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