Abano Terme – Day 3 – Part 1 – Santuario della Beata Vergine della Salute

It only made sense that in a city like Abano Terme, you would find a school that specializes in the hospitality industry, like the institute pictured above.  I imagine that many of the area’s hotel and restaurant workers were graduates of this school, and others like it.

On this cloudy morning, our first destination was the Santuario della Beata Vergine della Salute.  The church, as well as the complex that surrounds it, dates from 1435.  According to legend, a local, by the name of Pietro Falco, was ill, and came to the foot of the mountain to pray for relief from his ailments.  A vision of the Virgin appeared to him, and instructed him to immerse himself in a nearby spring, and if he did that, she told him that he would be healed.  He did it, and was healed!  Coming out of the spring, not only were his ailments gone, but he discovered a painting of himself holding Baby Jesus in his arms.  The painting is now kept in the church.  The Virgin had also told him that she wanted a church built in her honor, and if this were to happen, the plague, which had been ravaging the population at the time, would disappear.  Well, news of the miracle of Pietro’s healing, and of his conversation with the Virgin, spread.  Before long, the church we see today was begun.  Unfortunately for us, we had arrived just as they were locking the church, for their midday break.  So, we decided to roam around the grounds a bit.  It seemed that nature had other plans for us, though.

As we walked around the grounds, the sky began to darken.

A grotto in the side of the mountain, with an altar inside, marked the spot where Pietro Falco had the vision of the Virgin.  By this time, it was beginning to rain, so we sought shelter under the roof of the grotto.

Soon, the rain began to come down harder, and it was just the two of us, and the chickens and hens that belonged to the sanctuary.  The birds apparently decided that the rain was good feeding weather, and so were out in force, poking in the grass around us.


Next up: We end our last day in Abano Terme with an afternoon walk and, then, a dinner at an underground restaurant/club!


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