Padua – Day 4 – Part 5 – Caffè Pedrocchi and Our Final Night in Padua

We continued to explore the Botanical Garden.

The glass structure you see in the picture below houses the famous “Goethe Palm” tree, so called because the poet referred to it in an essay he wrote.  It is the oldest plant in the entire garden, having been planted in 1585.

Pictured below is one of three sundials to be found in the garden.

We spent nearly two hours exploring the Orto Botanico and, then, returned to the city streets to discover more of Padua.

The Caffè Pedrocchi is the most popular café in the city of Padua.  It was founded in the 18th century, and is not only considered a historical monument, but also a place where locals and tourists mix, and have been doing so for centuries.  The house specialty is the Caffè Pedrocchi, named after the establishment, which is a coffee with mint-flavored cream and cocoa powder.  It is delicious!


After a short rest back at the apartment, we headed out for our last evening in Padua.  We started the night off with a glass of Prosecco and, then, headed to a restaurant named Fuel, situated on the edge of Prato della Valle, where we enjoyed a multi-course meal.  It was all delicious, and I highly recommend the place!


Next up: We head to our next destination, the spa town of Abano Terme!


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