Rome – A City Eternally Imprinted in My Heart – Day 2 – Part 1

We decided to begin our day by heading up, on Via Garibaldi, to the top of the Gianicolo Hill.  Founded in 1888, by the Methodist Women’s Missionary Society, the Istituto Metodista was opened to provide an education to young women, whose families were too poor to provide them with one themselves.  The Institute was housed in this building, on Via Garibaldi, for two years, after which it moved to a larger location.

The Fontana di Via di Porta di San Pancrazio is found at the corner of Via di Porta San Pancrazio, and Via Garibaldi, near the entrance to the staircase that leads to the Church of San Pietro in Montorio.  The fountain dates from 1629, as the epigraph explains, and was built to pay tribute to the Barberini family, who, at that time, were funding the restoration of the church.

All along the stairway leading up to the church, there are faded reliefs, representing the Stations of the Cross.

Unfortunately for us, the church was closed for restoration work.  We would have to visit its interior, on another visit to Rome.  However, the Real Academia de España was open for visits, and while visiting this, it was also possible to visit the famous Tempietto del Bramante.  Seeing the Tempietto was one of the things I wanted to do.  So, after admiring the view, we went inside.


Next up: We view a moving exhibit at the Real Academia de España, and visit the Tempietto del Bramante, as well as explore the beautiful Gianicolo Hill!


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