Alberobello – Italy’s City of Trulli – Day 3 – Part 1


We began our third day in Alberobello exploring the area we were staying in: Rione Aia Piccola.  Again, this is a slightly less commercialized zone of trulli.  It borders on the more modern section of the city, and thus, it is not as attractive to the average tourist, as Rione Monti is.  I found it much more interesting, though, and because of the fact that many of the structures were still inhabited by locals, it felt more authentic as well.


Villa Tria is a vacation rental in Alberobello.  We did not know about it before arriving in town, and even though it looked lovely, we wanted the experience of staying in a trullo, at least once.


Alberobello actually has two Ville Comunali.  One is the one in Rione Monti, which is near the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, and the other is Villa Comunale Belvedere, which sits at the edge of Rione Aia Piccola, and leads down to Rione Monti.  While a bit unkept, it is still a bit of green, in this city of cone-shaped structures.


A plaque pays tribute to Leonida Bissolati, an Italian socialist who championed the struggle for better living conditions for the poor, especially those in the South, and the countryside.


UNESCO’s declaring of Alberobello a World Heritage Site is celebrated in a plaque, on the front of the Palazzo Comunale.


Another plaque pays tribute to Antonio Curri, who was born in Alberobello, and became an important architect, later in life.



Next up: We explore more of the more modern part of the city, as well as Rione Aia Piccola!


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