Martina Franca – A City of Art and Culture in Puglia, Italy – Day 1 – Part 1


Our next destination was only a twenty-two-minute drive away, the charming city of Martina Franca!  After the small town of Crispiano, we were both ready for a little more of a city atmosphere, and Martina Franca did not disappoint.  I immediately fell in love with the charming city and its people!  Once again, we rented an apartment for the duration of our stay.  Set along one of the main shopping streets, the Apartment Dimora Donna Maria exceeded our expectations.  Basically, we had half of a floor in an old palazzo.  There were two apartments on the floor that we occupied, the second belonging to the owner of the building, and his family.  It was beautiful, and so very comfortable!


As soon as we got ourselves settled in what was to be our home for the next few days, we set out to explore a bit.


Luckily, we had arrived on market day!


Around the corner from the apartment, we found ourselves in a large piazza, standing in front of the Liceo Ginnasio Statale Tito Livio, one of the city’s high schools.


A plaque on the facade pays tribute to Giuseppe Battaglini, the famous Italian mathematician who grew up in Martina Franca.


In the center of the piazza, there was a large monument, Il Monumento ai Caduti della Prima e della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, or The Monument to the Fallen of the First and and Second World Wars.  I found this to be a beautiful and touching memorial to the citizens who fought in the two wars.


Another monument paid tribute to the liberation of the city from the Germans, in 1945.



Next up: We explore more of Martina Franca, including the Villa Comunale, and the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio!


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