Milan – An Italian City Full of Surprises – Day 1


For our stay, we had rented a one-bedroom apartment, not far from Milan’s Central Station.


This was an area that I had never really taken the time to explore before.  Now that we were staying there, I quickly changed my clothes, and ventured out to see what was around us.


The Orthodox Russian Church of San Nicholas Lazzaretto, or the Biserica Ortodox Sfantul Nicolae Lazzaretto, is a lovely church, which caught my eye with the elaborate carved wooden crucifix standing outside of its gate.


It wasn’t long before I found myself standing in front of Porta Venezia, or Porta Orientale, as it used to be known.  This is one of the old city gates.  As we see it today, the structure dates back to 1827.  An older gate existed on the spot before today’s structure, the original being a part of the ancient Roman walls that surrounded the city.


At the intersection of Corso Venezia and Via Borghetto, you find the column with the Crucifix of San Dionigi.


For me, one of the most delightful surprises that Milan has to offer is found in the gardens, behind Villa Invernizzi.  At the corner of Via Serbelloni, between Corso Venezia and Via Cappuccini, you will find the fenced-in garden.  Peek through the fence, for a look at a group of beautiful, live pink flamingos!  The building used to be the home of Cavalier Invernizzi, who had the ancestors of the birds we see today, imported from Chile and Africa.  The Invernizzi Foundation, which now occupies the building, cares for the birds to this day.


The Chiesa di San Vito in Pasquirolo dates from 1621.  The church was built over the site of the ancient Frigidarium, that was part of the Thermae Herculianae, or the Baths of Hercules.


Being a bit jet-lagged, we decided to have a light dinner, basically a drink and some focaccia, at a great café/bar called Ca’puccino.  I highly recommend this place for a drink before dinner, or as we did, for a light meal.  For the price of your drink, the focaccia is included, and it is made fresh to order.  It was delicious, and was just what we needed to end our first day in Milan!



Next up:  We seek out more of Milan’s little surprises!


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