Rome – A Modern Ancient City – Day 3


A plaque on a building, on Via dei Barbieri, marks the spot where Pasquale Di Pietro and Tommaso Silvestri founded the first school for deaf-mutes, in Rome.


Also on Via Barbieri are the headquarters of the Associazione Teatro di Roma.


A nearby supermarket kept its wine department, in an underground cave!


The Chiesa del Gesù, or the Church of the Jesus, is located in Piazza del Gesù, and is the home of the Jesuit Order in Rome.  Dating from 1568, the church was founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who also founded the Jesuit Order.  This is a very beautiful church, and should be on everyone’s list of places to see, when in Rome.


The Altar of Saint Ignatius can be found in the Chapel of Saint Ignatius, and was designed by Andrea Pozzo.  The saint is entombed at the bottom of the altar.  The painting above the altar is actually a macchina barocca, or conversion machine.  Daily, at 5:30pm, religious music is played, and the painting disappears into the floor, revealing a large, spotlit statue of the saint.


Right next door to the church, you will find the Casa Professa del Gesù, which was built as a residence for members of the Jesuit Order.  Inside, it is possible to visit the rooms in which Saint Ignatius lived, and where he died in 1543.


We crossed the river, and headed into Trastevere for dinner.  We had a delicious dinner, at one of our favorite places, La Botticella, on Vicolo del Leopardo.  The fish, in orange sauce with zucchini and olives, was wonderful!


That brought our stay in Rome to an end, for this trip!


Next up:  We seek out some tropical birds in Milan!



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