Taking in the Healing Waters of Italy’s Fiuggi – Day 1

DSCN7183Acqua di Fiuggi has always been my preferred bottled water, ever since I first spotted it in a grocery store in New York City.  I always try to have a few bottles on hand at home.  So, you can only imagine my delight when I realized that the actual town of Fiuggi was relatively close to Rome, and that there was even a train which connected the two.  I quickly went online and booked a few nights at the Silva Hotel Splendid, on Corso Nuova Italia, in the heart of Fiuggi Fonte, or the newer “spa” section of town.  The hotel not only offered clean, comfortable rooms, but also a beautiful spa, featuring the town’s famous water, complete with indoor and outdoor pools, hydro-massage pools, saunas, etc.  The next few days were going to be a relaxing experience, taking in the healing water, and also exploring the town a bit.  I was very excited!DSCN7180DSCN7182DSCN7187Corso Nuova Italia is the main street of this part of the town, and it is lined with other hotels/spas, as well as shops and restaurants.  DSCN7189DSCN7190DSCN7191DSCN7193There is no shortage of hotels, or B&B’s, in Fiuggi.  This is a town that caters to the tourist seeking a “wellness” holiday.  It is all about health, and well-being.   And, of course, the odd tattoo, or two!DSCN7195DSCN7200 Like many small towns around the world, Fiuggi has not retained the allure that it once had.  This is evident in the buildings and hotels that are sitting today, with “For Sale” signs on them.  But, there is still plenty to entice the modern traveler in this lovely town!  DSCN7201DSCN7202DSCN7208As I wandered, I passed a house that was for sale.  I couldn’t help but fantasize about what it would be like to live there.  DSCN7209DSCN7229DSCN7211DSCN7215DSCN7225DSCN7226DSCN7219DSCN7222DSCN7236DSCN7237DSCN7241DSCN7242DSCN7244DSCN7248DSCN7252DSCN7253I loved the detailing on the Liberty-Style buildings, in the town.  DSCN7254DSCN7255DSCN7259DSCN7263DSCN7267DSCN7268DSCN7271DSCN7274DSCN7277DSCN7279DSCN7281DSCN7286DSCN7292The Pensione Villa Gaia was another place that sparked a bit of fantasy in me!  I could imagine what it might be like if it were fixed up a bit, what with the lovely yard that it had.DSCN7310DSCN7312DSCN7313DSCN7294DSCN7298DSCN7301DSCN7302I came upon a small, covered pavilion that had seen better days.DSCN7316DSCN7324The Gran Caffè Michelangelo is one of the largest, and most popular of Fiuggi’s bars/cafés.  It takes its name from the fact that the famous artist was one of the figures from the past, who swore that drinking the water from the town helped his health.  Michelangelo was a frequent visitor here (to the town, not the café).DSCN7327DSCN7332DSCN7335DSCN7340For dinner, we decided to dine at Cucina Maccaroni — a small, but lovely restaurant on one of the many side streets that lead out of town.  The food was wonderful, as was the service, and even though there were not many other diners, we had a great time!DSCN7453


Next up: Exploring more of Fiuggi!

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