Gallarate – Milano’s Charming Neighbor to the North – Day 3 – Part 1

DSCN6992My first stop, on my third day in Gallarate, was going to be the Museo Archeologico Storico Artistico della Società Gallaratese per gli Studi Patri, or more simply, the local archeological museum.  The museum is housed in a lovely building, on a small side street, so it is easy to overlook it, or to walk right by without noticing it, like I did, twice.  While small, it is worth a visit, especially since there is no admission charge to visit the exhibits.  DSCN6993DSCN6995.jpgThe building in which the museum is housed was once a Franciscan convent, and was located outside of the city walls.  Now, it is in the heart of the city, on Via Borgo Antico.

DSCN7014DSCN7018DSCN7021DSCN7019DSCN7022DSCN7026DSCN7023DSCN7025DSCN7027DSCN7030DSCN7032The visit to the museum took a little more than thirty minutes, so after I was done, I set out to explore the city a bit more.DSCN7033DSCN7034It being a Sunday, and a beautiful one at that, everyone was outside, and the piazzas were full of people, enjoying the weather, and each other’s company.DSCN7036DSCN7041DSCN7042DSCN7043DSCN7044DSCN7045DSCN7046DSCN7049DSCN7052DSCN7054DSCN7059DSCN7060DSCN7061DSCN7062DSCN7065I made my way over to Parco Bassetti, the main park of Gallarate.DSCN7066DSCN7068DSCN7069DSCN7072This is a lovely place to spend some time in, on a nice day.DSCN7081DSCN7082DSCN7088DSCN7092DSCN7095DSCN7097DSCN7099DSCN7102DSCN7104


Next up: A visit to the tiny village of Crenna, and dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant!


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