A Return to Rome – My Favorite Place on Earth! – Day 1

DSCN6120No matter how many times I visit the city of Rome, or Roma, as it is called by the Italians, as soon as my feet hit the soil, I fall instantly in love with both, the place and the people that live there!  It is a beautiful city!  Like any large urban center, Roma has its problems, but it also has so much more to offer, if you take the time to explore, and just simply let the city “happen” to you.  2017-11-09-051944-IMG_07292017-11-09-055702-IMG_0733One of my favorite times to visit the city is in the fall, as most of the tourists are gone, leaving a calmer, more easily accessible city to explore.  DSCN6122DSCN6123The Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome was founded in 1901, to educate clerics from the South Slav region.  DSCN6124DSCN6130In Piazza Imperatore, you will find the statue of Saint Charles Borromeo, by the artist Attilio Selva.  DSCN6127The statue of Saint Ambrose in the same piazza is by Arturo Dazzi, who moved to Roma in 1905.DSCN6128DSCN6132DSCN6133DSCN6135DSCN6136DSCN6140DSCN6142Even though I had visited it twice in the past, having recently read that it underwent a major renovation, the Museo del Palazzo di Venezia was high on my list of things to do in Roma.  So, I purchased a ticket, and went inside this beautiful building/museum.DSCN6144Before heading inside, I decided to check out the courtyard of the palazzo.DSCN6145DSCN6146DSCN6148DSCN6151DSCN6154I found the fountain in the center of the courtyard to be quite lovely.  The fountain depicts the city of Venezia (Venice), and with its sculpted figures, draws one’s attention, as soon as one enters the courtyard.DSCN6156DSCN6166DSCN6164DSCN6167DSCN6171Inside of the museum itself, you walk through historical rooms, which were closed to the public before now, as well as exhibition spaces filled with ancient as well as more modern art.  DSCN6183DSCN6191DSCN6204DSCN6207DSCN6212DSCN6219DSCN6235DSCN6236DSCN6237DSCN6241DSCN6242DSCN6245DSCN6259DSCN6261DSCN6269DSCN6274

Next up: More from bella Roma!

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