A Return to Rome – My Favorite Place on Earth! – Day 2

DSCN6279The Chiesa di Santi Claudio e Andrea dei Borgognoni dates from 1728.  It is dedicated to the two saints, Claudius of Besancon and Andrew.  The exterior of the church is decorated with statues of the two saints.  Facing the church, the statue of Saint Andrew, by Luc Breton, is on the left, while the statue of Saint Claudius of Besancon, by Guillaume Antoine Grandjacquet, is on the right.DSCN6282DSCN6283DSCN6285DSCN6294When in Rome, one of my favorite places to visit is the Accademia di San Luca.  This is an art organization, which also has an exhibition space and museum, founded in 1577, to help elevate and promote the talents of fellow painters, sculptors, and architects.  There is a permanent exhibition upstairs, but on the ground floor, they host temporary exhibitions.  Admission is free.   Located right around the corner from the famous Trevi Fountain, you would think that this place would be filled with tourists and art lovers, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  Whenever I visit, I find that there are only a few other guests in the museum.  If you are in Roma, make a point of visiting this historical and interesting place!DSCN6296DSCN6299DSCN6303DSCN6304DSCN6306DSCN6307DSCN6309DSCN6313DSCN6314DSCN6326DSCN6322DSCN6324DSCN6325DSCN6339DSCN6342DSCN6344DSCN6347DSCN6350DSCN6351DSCN6354DSCN6355It is hard to avoid seeing the Fontana di Trevi, when visiting the Accademia di San Luca.  It is around the corner.  Just follow the crowds, or the noise, and you will end up in front of one of Roma’s most beautiful sights.DSCN6361DSCN6367DSCN6365DSCN6366DSCN6369


Next up: One last day in bella Roma, before heading north!


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