FIUMICINO – 2017 – Day One

DSCN4316We stopped to spend the night in a town called Scurcola Marsicana.  Unfortunately, we did not have much time to explore the town, as we arrived after dark, and were continuing on to Roma, first thing in the morning.  The B&B that we stayed in was lovely, though.  It was called Locanda Incantata Room & Relax, and was located at the top of the town, right below the castle.  We had two rooms, one for Neda, and one for me, as Giovanna was staying with some friends, a few towns away.  She would head back to Roma with them, while I would return with Neda.  DSCN4318DSCN4321DSCN4325DSCN4327DSCN4329The property used to be the stables for the Castle.  Now, it has been renovated, and the space is simply charming!  DSCN4331DSCN4335DSCN4337After a quick breakfast, we got into the car, and drove back to Roma.  I was planning to take a train from Roma, to the town of Fiumicino, as I was going to stay there for a few days.  I had to meet my partner at the airport, in three days time, and then, the two of us were going to continue on our journey.  Neda wouldn’t hear of that though, and she drove me all of the way to Fiumicino.  I had booked a room for myself at a hotel, Hotel al Porticciolo, in Fiumicino.  I was excited about staying there for two reasons: one — I’d heard good things about the place; and two — they had a Michelin-starred restaurant which I was dying to eat in, but more of that later.DSCN4368DSCN4340DSCN4344This was not my first time in the city of Fiumicino.  While most people would normally only stay here overnight, when they were catching a flight at the nearby airport, I found the city to be charming, and a relaxing way to spend a few days.  DSCN4345DSCN4346DSCN4348DSCN4351DSCN4352DSCN4353DSCN4354Fishing is one of the town’s major industries.  DSCN4357DSCN4359DSCN4360DSCN4363The name “Fiumicino” means “little river”.  Perhaps the name comes from the small branch of the Tiber that flows through the center of the town, to the sea.DSCN4364DSCN4367DSCN4370DSCN4372Situated along the canal that divides the town, the Church of Santa Maria Porto della Salute is worth a visit, to see the lovely mural located over the main altar.DSCN4378DSCN4374DSCN4379If only all barber shops could be like Harry Gibson!DSCN4380DSCN4381DSCN4385DSCN4389DSCN4390DSCN4391DSCN4393DSCN4394DSCN4396DSCN4397DSCN4400DSCN4402DSCN4410DSCN4413A small park in the center of the town is dedicated to Simone Costa, a sixteen-year-old boy who died needlessly, after getting punched by a friend, during an afternoon at a local shopping mall.  DSCN4414DSCN4416DSCN4418

Next up: a visit to Isola Sacra!

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