MILANO – Spring 2017 – Part 1


For this quick, two-night stay in Milano, I took an apartment close to the Porta Garibaldi Train Station.


The apartment was a split level — with living room and kitchen on the first level, while the bedroom and bathroom were on the second.  It was situated off of a courtyard, away from the main street, and so was very quiet.


Milano is one of those cities where there is so much new construction taking place that when one visits, even after six months, the skyline seems somehow different.  There is always something new being built!


The outdoor space at the foot of the Unicredit Building, in the Porta Nuova District, is always fun to pass through.  This seems to be a sort of crossroads for the city.  A lot of people pass through here, whether on their way to catch a train at the nearby station, or making their way to work in the surrounding high-rises.  There are also plenty of high end shops, boutiques, and bars lining the adjacent streets.


The Ponte delle Gabelle no longer crosses water, but is now, instead, a reminder of the rich past of this remarkable city.


For dinner, I went to Restaurant Daniel, which was actually very close to the Ponte delle Gabelle.  I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves creative, interesting, delicious food!  My meal was wonderful, and it proved to be the perfect ending to a wonderful day spent wandering the streets of this fun city!

Next up: a visit to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, and more from Milano!


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