MILANO – Spring 2017 – Part 2



It is amazing that, even though Milano gets over eight million visitors each year, unless you are in the immediate vicinity of the Duomo, where one regularly runs into hordes of tourists, you don’t necessarily feel as if you are in a crowded city.  I think this is partly due to the fact that the city is so large, and spacious!


My main destination on this lovely day was the Pinacoteca dell’ Ambrosiana.


This extraordinary museum is housed in a palazzo, which was built over the remains of Milano’s Roman Forum.


The Pinacoteca was begun in April of 1618, when Cardinal Federico Borromeo donated much of his art collection to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana.  This museum is full of masterpieces!  Plan to spend at least a few hours inside of these 24 rooms, as you will be feasting your eyes on art from masters such as Leonardo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, and Botticelli, as well as more modern great artists.


The visit ends with a walk through the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, where one can see the famous Codex Atlanticus — Leonardo’s collection of sketches and writings.


Nearby is the Piccolo Teatro, which was founded in May of 1947.  This was the first public theater built in all of Italy.  Its slogan was: “An Arts Theatre for everyone!”


Also part of the Piccolo Teatro complex is the Teatro Strehler.


The Teatro Fossati, or the Piccolo Teatro Studio, is the third venue in the Piccolo Teatro Group. Of course, there is also an acting school nearby.


I had a dinner reservation at Essenza, which was in a part of the city that I had never been to before, so I decided to slowly make my way over to the area by foot.  The neighborhood was charming, and very interesting to walk around, like the rest of Milano.


As I was walking, I passed by the restaurant, which was  a good thing, as this way, I wouldn’t have a problem finding it later, and could relax with a drink somewhere, before eating.


I ended up in front of the National Theater CheBanca, which hosts musical theater productions.


“The Bodyguard” was the production that was playing.


Next up: I head to the lovely town of Piacenza!


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