MILANO – Fall 2016 – Part 2


My second day in Milano began like the day before — exploring streets that I hadn’t had a chance to visit on previous visits.


My first stop on this wet, cloudy day was going to be the Basilica of Sant Eustorgio.  This church is a MUST SEE when in Milano.


This church is a popular destination for two reasons.  Relics of the Three Magi (Three Kings) are kept here, inside of an altar.  They were originally kept in a tomb in the church, but during the Sack of Milano, they were taken to Cologne, and didn’t return to Italy until 1903.


The stunningly beautiful Portinari Chapel with the Ark (Tomb) of Saint Peter of Verona was, for me, the highlight of the visit.  I was lucky enough to time it, so that I had the incredible space all to myself.


Nothing brightens up a dreary day like a delicious eclair.


Not many people know it, but Milano is also home to the remains of an old Roman theater.  Located not far from the Porta Ticinese, the remains are open to visitors.  First, one goes through a small museum, and then you are free to walk around the small park that surrounds what is left of the theatre.


This is a lovely place to spend some time, even on a grey day!


The Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, built from the late 4th to 5th centuries, is another spot that should not be missed when visiting Milano.


The Church of Santa Maria alla Porta was closed, but the partially destroyed Capella della Madonna del Grembiule is now situated on the exterior of the church.



Next up: more from Milano, and then a visit to the beautiful city of Piacenza!


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