ROMA – FALL 2016 – Pt 2

DSCN1477I began this day with a walk through the part of the city known as the Ghetto.  As I passed the Casina dei Vallati, I noticed that there was an exhibition taking place inside of the building.  I’d never visited the palazzo before, so I decided to go in.  DSCN1475The building now houses the Fondazione Museo della Shoah, and the particular exhibit was photographs, and documents relating to the events of October 16, 1943, as on that day, the German officials, who had occupied the city, rounded up much of the city’s Jewish population, many of whom were sent on to concentration camps.  DSCN1482A plaque on a nearby building testifies to the horrors that its residents experienced on that day.  DSCN1484DSCN1485DSCN1491Today, the Ghetto is a very different place.  It is filled with chic restaurants, art galleries, and shops.  DSCN1506DSCN1507DSCN1510DSCN1543DSCN1545DSCN1551In nearby Piazza Navona, a photo shoot was taking place.DSCN1554My next destination was in another part of the city, so I slowly made my way over to the area near the famous, and very chic Via Veneto.  DSCN1735DSCN1733.JPGAs I walked, I came upon the Church of St. Patrick.DSCN1728A few minutes later, I had arrived at my destination.  The Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi, which is the Decorative Arts Museum of the National Gallery of Modern Art of Roma.  DSCN1732DSCN1748This is a very interesting, small museum.  It won’t take more than an hour to leisurely stroll through its rooms, but I highly recommend it.  Also, there is no charge to visit the museum.  DSCN1756Photos were not permitted, so you will have to wait to see the treasures that the place holds until you visit the museum yourself!  Afterwards, I took a nice stroll around some of the surrounding streets, as this was not a neighborhood that I often find myself in.DSCN1763DSCN1769DSCN1773DSCN1774DSCN1788DSCN1791DSCN1793DSCN1800DSCN1806DSCN1807DSCN1824DSCN1598I chose to walk back towards Collina Fleming, where I was staying, rather than hop in a taxi, or bus.  DSCN1602DSCN1603DSCN1610DSCN1605As luck would have it, I stumbled upon the antique market that takes place near Ponte Milvio.  This market takes place two Sundays every month ( 1st & 2nd).  DSCN2243DSCN2245DSCN2261DSCN2259I arrived back home just in time, to see a beautiful view from my living room window.  DSCN1814


Next up: a visit to the Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen!

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