DSCN8573Our fourth and last day, in Mazara del Vallo, was a relaxing one.  Susan was taking the day to rest in her room, while I headed out to explore the newer part of the city.DSCN8575DSCN8582DSCN8585DSCN8587DSCN8590DSCN8592DSCN8593DSCN8594DSCN8595DSCN8600DSCN8601DSCN8602DSCN8603These monuments lined the Lungomare, near the mouth of the river.DSCN8604DSCN8605.JPGDSCN8613DSCN8615DSCN8618DSCN8623DSCN8626DSCN8627DSCN8637DSCN8639DSCN8643DSCN8647DSCN8650DSCN8653DSCN8654DSCN8656DSCN8658DSCN8675DSCN8699DSCN8700If you wander through the streets of a city long enough, you eventually find the city’s hospital.DSCN8703DSCN8708DSCN8710DSCN8717DSCN8726DSCN8730DSCN8737DSCN8743DSCN8752DSCN8753DSCN8754DSCN8757DSCN8767DSCN8770DSCN7667DSCN7893DSCN7840DSCN7871DSCN8016DSCN8072DSCN8786

Next up: We get back in the car and head to our next destination, Alcamo, with a brief stop at the hauntingly beautiful Gibellina Vecchia!

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