DSCN6783Corso Umberto is Mazara’s main shopping street.  For the most part, it is pedestrian only.  The street is lined with shops and cafés, and is a favorite spot for the Passeggiata — or the evening stroll that seems to be popular in most Italian cities and towns.  The street is also notable for the large vases that adorn it.  These are each painted by different artists, like the tiles on the neighboring streets, and are quite beautiful.  DSCN6763DSCN6766DSCN6777DSCN6786DSCN6794Even the benches on Corso Umberto are decorated.DSCN6779DSCN6807DSCN6809DSCN6817DSCN6828DSCN6833DSCN6835DSCN6839DSCN6840DSCN6850DSCN6851The tiled steps led down to a walkway along the Fiume Mazaro — the Mazaro River.  DSCN6852DSCN6857Mazara del Vallo has the largest fishing fleet in all of Italia.  Fish caught by these boats can be found in restaurants all over the country, and in most of Europe.  DSCN6859DSCN6863DSCN6871DSCN6872DSCN6873DSCN6874DSCN6880DSCN6881DSCN6884DSCN6886DSCN6903DSCN6925DSCN6960DSCN6986DSCN6990.JPGDSCN6995Right in the middle of the Casbah, you can find the lovely church of San Francesco and its adjoining convent.  The doors to the convent are the ones which are to the left of the entrance to the church, in the photo above.  If these are open, go inside.  We did, and I am so glad as it was an experience that I will never forget!

DSCN7007DSCN7008DSCN7014The convent is no longer in use.  Signs of deterioration are everywhere.  Yet, it is remarkably beautiful and peaceful when you are inside.  I was surprised that we were allowed access to the rooms — not only those off of the beautiful cloister, but also those on the floor above, or the first floor, as the Italians would say.  DSCN7040DSCN7085DSCN7117DSCN7101DSCN7095DSCN7115DSCN7106By the time that we finished exploring the convent, the church itself was closing for the day.  So, we decided to come back to see that, later in our stay.


Next up: a visit to the lovely Church of San Francesco, and also a stroll along the Lungomare!


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  1. Flavia says:

    Thank you for sharing, these are some hidden beauties that many tourists overlook. Now I know where to go other than the main tourist traps.

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