IMG_8401For the past few years, when I am in Roma, I call the neighborhood of Collina Fleming my home.  This is a quiet, upscale area in the north of Roma — mainly residential, but with enough businesses thrown in to make it an easy zone in which to live.  IMG_8404Corso Francia is close by, as is the neighborhood of Ponte Milvio.  It is always fun to explore this area, as each time that I do, I venture deeper into its winding side streets and discover new things.IMG_8421IMG_8423IMG_8465IMG_8477IMG_8484IMG_8487IMG_8498One of the many traditions here is to incorporate fragments of reliefs or other items, which are found when building a new home, into the walls of the one that you are erecting.  You can find evidence of this practice all over the city.IMG_8504IMG_8507IMG_8512IMG_8516IMG_8540IMG_8545IMG_8542IMG_8549IMG_8575IMG_8586IMG_8602IMG_8608IMG_8615IMG_8632Another fun pastime is walking down towards the center of town, along the river.IMG_9669IMG_9671IMG_9675IMG_9686IMG_9690IMG_9685IMG_9700IMG_9711IMG_9713IMG_9727IMG_9746The Mausoleo di Santa Costanza (Mausoleum of Saint Costanza), on Via Nomentana, is definitely worth making the effort to see.  This is a beautiful sacred space, which was built in the 4th century by Constantine I, as a mausoleum for his daughter Costantina.  IMG_9831IMG_9731IMG_9767IMG_9791IMG_9796IMG_9815IMG_9825IMG_9833IMG_9834IMG_9836IMG_9844IMG_9847IMG_9852IMG_9854IMG_9860IMG_9866IMG_9877IMG_9896IMG_9898IMG_9899IMG_9908IMG_9920IMG_9924IMG_9928IMG_9994IMG_9916

There will be more from Roma later, but next up:  Busto Arsizio.

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