I consider myself both, blessed and extremely lucky, that I get to spend as much time as I do, in this beautiful city.  As all of my friends know, when I am here, in Roma, I am in my “happy place”! IMG_7811IMG_7814IMG_7822IMG_7837IMG_7839There is something for everyone in Roma, no matter what your age or interests are.  Via del Corso, and the streets that adjoin it, are a shopper’s paradise.  There, you can find everything, from high-end designer boutiques to bargain shops.  I am not one of those people who love to spend their days shopping, and yet, I enjoy strolling through this vibrant area of the city.  IMG_7949IMG_7852IMG_7846IMG_7954IMG_7953IMG_7966IMG_8003IMG_7899IMG_7897IMG_7906On Via del Cestari, you will find clothing stores that cater to a select audience — the Catholic clergy!IMG_7911.JPGIMG_7913IMG_7914IMG_7931IMG_7938IMG_7943The Mausoleo di Augusto is just that, a burial chamber that the emperor built for himself in 28 BC.IMG_8006IMG_8005IMG_8031IMG_8034IMG_8035IMG_8038IMG_8048IMG_8062IMG_8056IMG_8064I honestly feel that Italy has the best food in all of the world!  (Just my opinion!)  I will talk about particular restaurants in Roma, in later blogs.  That said, it is difficult to find a bad meal in this city, especially if you compare what you are having with the dishes that you get back in the States.  Even in a city like New York, there are only a handful of places that serve authentic Italian cuisine, and even then it’s adapted to suit American tastes.  I highly recommend visiting the local markets, when in Italy.  In Roma, there are a few of them.  One of the most visited and famous is Campo di Fiori, of course. IMG_8067 IMG_8069IMG_8071IMG_8073IMG_8074IMG_8075IMG_8078IMG_7829IMG_8079IMG_8088IMG_8087IMG_8090The Fountain of the Tortoises, located in the middle of Rome’s Ghetto area, is a delight to behold.  The four male figures were done by Taddeo Landini, while the tortoises themselves were added by Bernini in 1658.IMG_8091IMG_8089IMG_8108IMG_8128

Next up: A trip to one of Roma’s most unusual museums!


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