BARI – A Brief Stop…

First of all, let me say, I love the city of Bari!  I was lucky enough to have visited this wonderful city twice in the past, and even though, on this trip, we would only be staying for one night, catching a train early the next morning to Roma, I was looking forward to being in a very unique, and exciting city, once again.  Bari was also the place where we were returning the rental car that we’d been using for the last few weeks.  Being a Sunday, the rental office was not open, but there was an attendant who could check the car in as “returned on time and in good condition,” as long as we arrived there before noon.  So, instead of taking another leisurely drive from Conversano, we headed straight to Bari, on the highway, only to then spend what had to be a good hour and a half, looking for the parking garage.  I kid you not!  IMG_7352Once we found the garage, we parked the car.  Before leaving the rented automobile, Susan asked me, at least four times, if I was certain that I had all of my belongings, as we wouldn’t be able to return, if we forgot anything, because the attendant was about to leave for the day.  I assured her that I had everything, and we got out of the car.

The garage was about a twenty minute walk from the B&B where we had booked rooms for the night.  I had stayed there before, so I knew where I was going.  As we approached the building, I turned to look at Susan, and noticed that she wasn’t carrying her camera — a very expensive professional camera.  I knew what the answer was going to be before I even asked her, but I couldn’t resist, and so I said, “Susan, where is your camera?”  Of course, it was in the car, which was in the garage, which was now locked, as the attendant had already gone home.  She went running back to the garage anyway.  I went ahead, and checked into my room.  IMG_7354Luckily, for her, someone at the bar, near the garage, had the attendant’s telephone number, and they called him.  He returned.  She got her camera, and made her way back to the B&B.  When she attempted to check in, the owner apologized and said that they had no reservation under her name.  She pulled out her confirmation paper, only to discover that the place where she was staying had a similar name to the one where I had reserved my room, but it was in fact, a very different establishment.  I had made all of my reservations before she even thought to come along on the trip.  Within the hour, though, we were both safely checked into our rooms, and we then set out to explore the city of Bari, with what was left of the day.  IMG_7355IMG_7368IMG_7367IMG_7384The Teatro Petruzzelli is the largest theatre in Bari, and the fourth largest in all of Italy.  It dates from 1898.IMG_7369IMG_7370IMG_7371IMG_7668IMG_7375IMG_7385IMG_7391IMG_7389IMG_7400Bari Vecchia, or Old Bari, is a maze of alleyways that lead to lovely little piazzas.  I still lose my sense of direction, when exploring this fascinating area.  IMG_7402IMG_7409IMG_7412IMG_7418IMG_7428IMG_7433IMG_7455The Cathedral of San Sabino is a must see for anyone visiting Bari.  Make sure you buy a ticket to visit the archaeological area under the church!IMG_7434IMG_7446IMG_7451IMG_7456IMG_7461IMG_7468IMG_7472IMG_7473IMG_7487IMG_7499IMG_7504IMG_7537IMG_7534IMG_7539IMG_7544No matter how many times I see it, I am always charmed by the top of Palazzo del Sedile — the Town Council of Bari, which is located in Piazza Mercantile.  IMG_7545IMG_7549IMG_7551IMG_7562IMG_7566IMG_7568IMG_7580IMG_7618IMG_7621IMG_7622IMG_7628IMG_7644IMG_7681IMG_7706IMG_7757IMG_7764IMG_7769IMG_7556


We will come back to Bari in the near future, but next up: Another brief stop in Roma!


Note: This blog is written in English and Spanish, and the author takes no responsibility for the quality of any other translations which may appear.  If you enjoyed this post, please, check out our archives for other posts from bella Puglia, and other Italian destinations.  Grazie!

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