The Cattedrale di Conversano is a truly beautiful building.  It dates back to the 11th century, but construction on the building wasn’t finished until 1359.  IMG_6609IMG_6610IMG_6910IMG_6912IMG_6914IMG_6932IMG_6934IMG_6931I loved exploring the streets of this city.  At one point, we were walking along a street, taking photos of some of the buildings, when one of the people who lived on the street called out to us.  He introduced himself, and then asked if we would like to see the inside of his home.  He owned a building in the historical center of the city, but used it only to host family dinners on Sundays, he and his wife keeping their main residence on the outskirts of the city.  It was a delightful experience, and I will never forget how welcoming he and his wife were to two complete strangers.  This was the way we were treated by all that we met in this lovely city.IMG_6944IMG_6948IMG_6952IMG_6956IMG_6959IMG_6961IMG_6962IMG_6971IMG_6988The Church of SS. Cosma e Damiano is a beautiful Baroque Church.  At first glance, you might think that it is closed, even though the sign says that it’s open.  Just go through the door, where you will be greeted by a nun, who lives and works at the adjacent convent.  She will then escort you to another entrance to the church, which she will unlock and open for you.  It is breathtaking!  Don’t miss it!IMG_6995This is a photo of the convent hallway, leading to the church entrance.IMG_7005IMG_7007IMG_7009IMG_7013IMG_7026IMG_7028We stopped at the Art Café, for a quick coffee and pastry!IMG_7032IMG_7036IMG_6992IMG_7040IMG_7062IMG_7073IMG_7076IMG_7072IMG_7081IMG_7082IMG_7088IMG_7093IMG_7103IMG_7112IMG_7132IMG_7141IMG_7165IMG_7144Just about a 5-kilometer drive from the city center, on top of a hill, stands a tower set amid the ruins of the ancient town of Castiglione.  A pathway takes you completely around what is left of the town, and its defensive walls.  We had the place pretty much to ourselves, with the exception of three teenagers, who were talking and smoking cigarettes, as they sat on top of what was left of an old building.  IMG_7174IMG_7173IMG_7184IMG_7193IMG_7221IMG_7229IMG_7256IMG_7263IMG_7267IMG_7268IMG_7272Just 8 kilometers from the center of Conversano is the Castello di Marchione, or the Castle of Marchione.  This was a country home of Giangirolamo III Acquaviva d’Aragona, and dates from around 1730.  It is now rented out for events, including weddings, but since it is also considered a national monument, it is open to visitors.  IMG_7170IMG_7284IMG_7293IMG_7291IMG_7298IMG_7300IMG_7302IMG_7308IMG_7309IMG_7311IMG_7312IMG_7313IMG_7314


Next up: A brief stop in the city of Bari!


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