Having booked myself on a flight from Milano’s Malpensa Airport early the following morning, I decided to spend the night in Legnano, which is actually much closer to the airport, and thus, would give me a little extra sleeping time.

Legnano is situated approximately 20 kilometres north of the center of Milano.  Using Booking.com, I found a hotel room right in the middle of town.DSCN0796

The Hotel Al Corso is a great place to stay, when in Legnano.  The rooms are spacious, and since they open up onto a private parking area, they are quiet.  The hotel is also in a perfect location to explore this lovely little city.

Legnano is a city that that wears it’s past on it’s sleeve.  It’s not afraid to reveal a little of it’s grit and grime, as long as you persevere, and also discover it’s hidden treasures.DSCN0775DSCN0782DSCN0793DSCN0800

This is a very easy city to navigate.  It is flat, so one doesn’t really have to worry about climbing stairs, or steep hills, and while  the streets are by no means planned out in a grid, they are not difficult to figure out.  I was able to get my bearings almost immediately here. DSCN0801DSCN0806DSCN0811DSCN0815DSCN0816

The Basilica of San Magno, built in the early 16th Century, is the town’s main church. DSCN0830DSCN0851DSCN0882

The doors to the Basilica are beautifully carved works of art. DSCN0885DSCN0886DSCN0889DSCN0870

The city’s main municipal building is situated directly across from the church, the space in-between part of a piazza, with art, water fountains and cafe’s along it’s sides.  This is obviously one of the main meeting places for the people who live in this lovely city.  Caffe Farmacia is a great place to stop for a drink, or a bite to eat.  They even sell local products – like a great pistachio liquor that I simply had to have!DSCN0836DSCN0838DSCN0839DSCN0840

Inside of a courtyard, I found an amazing mural!DSCN0848DSCN0853DSCN0858

The statue “Uomo Eroico” by the artist Ettrore Greco  was especially appealing! DSCN0897DSCN0910DSCN0918

The details that decorate some of the buildings in the city are delightful, and make it worth the time to seek them out.  And like most Italian towns, there is a pedestrian only area, lined with shops and cafes.  Legnano is where the design house of Dolce & Gabbana was founded, and they still maintain offices in the city. DSCN0921DSCN0927DSCN0939DSCN0959DSCN0962DSCN0988DSCN0995DSCN1027

The old and the new are side by side in this city, and the combination works nicely.DSCN1031DSCN1039

The river Olona flows through the center of the town.DSCN1304DSCN1307DSCN1272DSCN1062DSCN1084DSCN1086DSCN1091DSCN1098DSCN1105DSCN1109DSCN1120DSCN1133DSCN1142DSCN1149DSCN1155DSCN1189DSCN1212DSCN1214DSCN1264DSCN1278DSCN1303DSCN1322DSCN1324DSCN1341DSCN1346DSCN1349DSCN1364DSCN1373

There are wonderful dining options in the city of Legnano.  I was there on a Thursday night, and thought that I’d be able to just walk into one of the two restaurants that I’d chosen to try and eat in, without a reservation.  Alas, they were both completely booked for the evening.  So, I did the only thing that I could think of next, which was to ask one of the locals for a recommendation.  I was directed to Osteria Al Rossini, where I had a delightful meal, which I topped off with a cocktail at Cafe Nasta, a great bar/cafe right across the street from the hotel, where I made a few new friends. DSCN1396


Next up: Brindisi

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