Palermo – Day 3 – Part 6 – An Anti-Mafia Exhibit and Grilled Meats

The Cassa di Risparmio can be found along one side of Piazza del Monte di Pietà, and dates from 1861.

The restaurant Zaytuna, on Via Judica, specializes in Tunisian food.

A little further down the street, we passed another restaurant where I had eaten before, during my last trip to Palermo.  It was wonderful at the time, and so, we made a reservation for dinner later that night, and continued on our way.

The Eurostars Centrale Palace is a modern hotel that is housed in a former private palazzo, dating from 1717.

As we walked, the banner for the “No Mafia Memorial” caught our eyes, and we decided to go in.  Admission is free to the exhibit, and it is well worth checking out, when you are passing by.

It is no secret that Sicily has long been considered the home base of the Mafia, and so, it is no surprise that, in recent years, it has been the center of the anti-Mafia movement, and the struggle to weaken, and eventually destroy the hold that the organized crime syndicate has on the community.  This exhibit honors of all of those fighting against the power of organized crime!

Whenever you see videos on YouTube about the Mercato della Vucciria, you see people eating grilled meats that are cooked outside, in the piazza.  You walk up to the guy, look at the selection of meats on display, choose what you want to eat, and then, he grills it.  You pay, and a few minutes later, you take your plastic plate of meats, and sit at one of the plastic tables along the side of the street to enjoy your meal.  This is what we chose to do for lunch.  Let me tell you… It was delicious!  The meat was tender, fresh, perfectly seasoned, and cooked to perfection.  On top of all of that, it was so inexpensive!  It was a perfect lunch!


Next up: We visit a few oratories, and see more of the city!


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