Palermo – Day 3 – Part 2 – Two Churches and Some Street Art

In Piazza San Giacomo La Marina, you will find the Chiesa di Santa Maria La Nova.  The church dates from 1534, but it was not completed until 1582.

The Chapel of the Crucifix contains a wooden crucifix from the 18th century, as well as a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, by the artist, Girolamo Bagnasco.

At Via Vittorio Emanuele, #36, you will find the Chiesa di San Giovanni dei Napoletani, which dates from 1617.

Nothing prepared us for the explosion of white that surrounded us, once we entered the church.  It was simply beautiful!  The white and gilded stucco work is a result of an 18th century remodeling of the church, and is the work of Procopio Serpotta.  Serpotta was also responsible for the four statues, two in each aisle, which depict Justice and Charity, and Virginity and Grace.


Next up: We continue to discover new things in beautiful Palermo!


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