Orta San Giulio – Day 2 – Part 2 – Salita della Motta

The little shop pictured below sells delicious biscotti and sandwiches, as well as focaccia and pizza.

The Casa dei Nani, or the House of Dwarves, dates back to 1006 AD.  It is found on the Salita della Motta or, as it is also known, Via Caire Albertoletti, the street that leads up the hill, from the main piazza.  The house takes its name from the small windows on the second floor.  According to legend, the windows were so small that only dwarves could see out of them.  In reality, the windows were built like this because, at the time of the construction of the building, one had to pay taxes on every window one installed, the amount depending on the size of the window.  Hence, the four small windows we see today.  The house is privately owned, so visitors can only admire it from outside.

The Palazzo Penotti Ubertini dates from the 18th century.  Today, it hosts art exhibitions, as well as concerts and other events.

The Palazzo Gemelli was built at the end of the Renaissance.  Since 2012, it has been turned into an event space hosting everything, from weddings to conventions.

The Chiesa Parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta sits at the top of the Salita della Motta, and dates from the second half of the 14th century.  The campanile was built later, in 1505.  This is the town’s main church.


Next up: A stroll along the lakefront!


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