Oleggio Castello – Day 2 – Local Pubs and Room Service

The next day began the same way as the previous one had ended: grey and wet.  That was fine with us!  We spent our morning hanging around the suite, and then, around lunchtime, when it looked as if the rain had stopped for a bit, we grabbed the opportunity to get some fresh air, and headed back into town.  As we walked, we passed the little fountain pictured below, which I can only assume was for animals to use.

Via Arona is the main street that runs through the town.  At #13A , you will find  the Oratorio di San Rocco.  Even though the earliest documentation of the church is from 1676, it is believed to be much older, as a plaque on the facade is dated from 1620, and the church had been standing for a while, before it was affixed to it.

Nearby, you fill find the Town Hall.

At this point, it began to rain again, so we did the only thing we could think of, and headed into the nearest pub/café for some lunch.  They had a sign posted outside saying that they were running a lunch special: two courses for €10.00.  We went in, and they were indeed having a lunch special.  They had made two dishes that day.  You got each one.  We sat down, and prepared to dine on pasta with sausage, in a cream sauce, and roast chicken with mashed potatoes.  We washed it all down with ice cold beers!

After lunch, we walked around town a bit more.  I could not help but admire the cake in the window of the bakery next door.

The Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Martino, located near the hotel, is one of the 100 churches built by the Holy Masons Giulio & Giuliano, two Greeks from the 4th century, who relocated to Rome, and used to make pilgrimages to Northern Italy.  The church was closed for the afternoon break, so we did not even venture any closer.

That night, the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest were being televised, so we decided to just order room service, and have dinner while we watched the show from the comfort of our suite.  We had a fabulous evening, as the room service menu was basically the same menu that was served in the restaurant downstairs.  The food was delicious!  It was a fine dining experience, without having to go to the restaurant.  The waiter brought up two courses at a time, so that he did not have to make so many trips, and keep interrupting us.  It was perfect!  On top of that, we enjoyed the music, and the Eurovision show was great fun to watch!


Next up: We spend our last day in Oleggio exploring the castle itself!


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