Abano Terme – Day 1 – Part 2 – Street Art and the Parco Urbano Termale

A large portion of Viale delle Terme is for pedestrian use only.  Cars are strictly prohibited.  The street is lined with hotels, shops, and cafés.  Along the street, there are places to rest, with tables and benches, as well as public art.

The Hotel Trieste was first opened in 1912.  During WWI, it housed the general headquarters of the Chief of Staff of the Royal Italian Army, and on November 4th 1918, in Room #106, General Armando Diaz signed the Bollettino della Vittoria, ending Italy’s involvement in the war.  A plaque on the facade, near the main entrance, commemorates this historic event.

The Chiesa del Sacro Cuore can be found at Piazza Sacro Cuore, #1.  The church dates from the late 1950s, and is the work of the architect Giulio Brunetta.

In Piazza Dondi, you will find the modern fountain known as Springbrinnen.

A few steps away, you will find the Parco Urbano Termale.  Designed in the early 2000s by Paolo Portoghesi, this is a green oasis, in the center of the city.  Public events are often hosted here.  While we were there, a concert took place, and there were also kiosks lining the walkways, selling health-orientated items, such as natural soaps and creams.

After our walk through the park, we went back to the hotel, soaked in the thermal waters for an hour or so, and then, went out for some dinner.  We chose a lovely place on a side street in Abano, about a ten-minute walk from our hotel.  We sat outside, and had a lovely fish dinner.

The meal started with a sort of bagna càuda, which is simply fresh, pre-cut vegetables that you dip into a warm, oily sauce made with garlic and anchovies.  It was delicious!

We then had fresh oysters and sea urchins!

That was followed by mixed, grilled fish and, after that, dessert!


Next up: We explore an old, thermal park and more, as we begin our second day in Abano Terme!


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