Burano – Day 3 – Part 2 – The Museum of Lace and More of Lovely Burano

The Museo del Merletto, or the Lace Museum, may not sound like an exciting way to spend your time when in Burano, but I promise you, it is a visit you should make!  Housed in the Palazzo del Podestà di Torcello, in Piazza Galuppi, the museum is set in the space formerly occupied by one of the most famous lace-making schools in the entire world.  It is a highly informative and entertaining museum, and I recommend stopping here, no matter how much time in the town you have.  The Lace School operated here from 1872 to 1970, and many young women would spend countless hours here, learning the intricate art of lace making.  One cannot help but have a new respect, and a sense of awe for the delicate handiwork, after admiring the items on display, and watching the videos in the museum.  Today, there are still a handful of local women who practice the art of lace making on the island, and if you are lucky, you just might stumble across one or two of them, sitting on chairs outside of their colorful houses, as they attend to their work.

After leaving the museum, we noticed there was the possibility of passing showers, so we headed back to the apartment for some lunch.


Next up: We wind up our stay in Burano, with a visit to the lovely Chiesa di San Martino!


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