Burano – Day 3 – Part 1 – Boatmakers and More!

A plaque marks the building where the Italian painter, Mario Vellani Marchi, lived.  Marchi came to Burano in the 1920s, spending a few years here painting landscapes.  He loved the town so much that, after World War II, he divided his time between Burano and Milan, where he died in 1979.

Even though it may look as if it were a deserted property, or a thing of the past, the Cantiere Amadi is still turning out boats for the citizens not only of Burano, but also for people living in Venice, and beyond the lagoon.

Right next to the boatyard, you will find the Associazione Remiera Vogaepara, a rowing association.


Next up: We visit the Museo del Merletto and more!


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