Burano – Day 2 – Part 4 – Casa Bepi and Snow White

A small shop sold glass pieces from the nearby city of Murano, blown into the shape of candy!

Anyone visiting the city of Burano should make it a point to seek out Bepi’s House.  This house, known to locals as the Casa di Bepi Suà, was the home of Giuseppe Toselli.  The house is also called “Bepi of Candies”.  Bepi was a movie buff who worked at the local cinema.  When the movie theater was shut down, Bepi began to sell candy in the streets of Burano, hence his nickname.  During the summer months, he would also organize outdoor movie screenings in the square in front of his house, using a white sheet as the screen, hung on the wall of his home.  His other passion was painting geometric patterns on the facade of his home.  Even though Bepi has since passed away, his legacy to the city of Burano lives on with his delightfully decorated home, which has remained unchanged over time.  Today, the building houses apartments that are available as vacation rentals.

A plaque remembers Doctor Stefano Malgarotto, a general practitioner who was much loved by the citizens of Burano.  He had his practice on the island for many years, until his untimely death in a road accident on the mainland, in 2006.  The plaque sits on the facade of the building where the doctor had his practice.


Next up: We explore some more, including a visit to an old water tower!


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