Bari – A City Worth Exploring at Leisure in Puglia, Italy – Day 3 – Part 3

Bari Vecchia is made up of what seems to be a maze of twisting, narrow streets, sometimes barely larger than passageways, and because of this, even I, someone who has been there a few times, can easily get disorientated while exploring it.  For me, that is part of the fun and adventure of being there!  It seems as if there is always a new street to explore, one that you had not taken before.

A plaque and an icon mark the house where the Blessed Teodora Fracasso, or Suor Elia di San Clemente, was born.  The young girl from Bari had a visitation at the age of ten, by Saint Therese of Lisieux, who told her that she would become a nun.  Ten years later, she entered the convent in Bari, where she stayed until her death, on Christmas Day of 1927, as a result of a brain tumor.

Like many coastal Italian cities, Bari has a Ferris wheel that can be found on the waterfront promenade.

For dinner, we went to a fusion restaurant, called Mezcla.  The sushi was delicious, and it was a perfect ending to a fun day!


Next up: More from Bari, including a visit to the Museo Nicolaiano!


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