Porto Santo Stefano – The Jewel of Italy’s Monte Argentario – Day 1 – Part 2


La Fortezza Spagnola, or the Spanish Fort, sits at the very top of the town.  It was originally built in 1568, as a watch tower.  Later, when the area was ruled by a Spanish governor, it was fortified, and became the structure that we see today.  Luckily, for us, the fort is now a museum, and I recommend anyone traveling to this part of Tuscany, to take some time, and explore it.


The rooms of the fortress host exhibits featuring items found during underwater archaeological research in the area, including findings from the Roman era, and also a section on the discovery of a shipwreck dating from the 6th century BC.


The views of the town, from the top of the fort, are spectacular!


The owner of the apartment that we were renting had recommended a restaurant to us, where, she explained, you could get the “best” linguine e vongole, or linguine and clams.  So, we decided to make a reservation, and check it out.  She was right!


We sat at a table outside, overlooking the port, and had a wonderful meal!



Next up: More of lovely Porto Santo Stefano!


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