DSCN4833Approximately 8,967 people call Castel Gandolfo home today.  Even though most tourists probably only experience Piazza della Liberta, and the Palazzo Apostolico, the entire town is picturesque, and worth exploring!DSCN4834DSCN4836DSCN4838DSCN4839IMG_0906While walking along Via Massimo d’Azeglio, we came upon the lovely statue titled “L’Abbraccio.”DSCN4847DSCN4846DSCN4845DSCN4844DSCN4848DSCN4850One can’t help but be captivated by the mosaic titled “Alba Primigenia,” which pays tribute to the fact that the city was built on the site of the ancient Latin city of Alba Longa.  DSCN4851DSCN4852DSCN4853DSCN4854DSCN4859DSCN4867DSCN4865DSCN4871DSCN4872The small, but lovely Church of Madonna della Cona is almost hidden away, at the end of a small alleyway.  In addition to housing the wooden statue after which it is named, the church is also the resting place of Santa Ciriaca.  IMG_0910DSCN4873DSCN4874DSCN4875DSCN4877DSCN4878Never able to resist green spaces, we entered a small park that we were passing.  It was next to a school.DSCN4880DSCN4881DSCN4884DSCN4885As you walk through the town, you will come across various lookout points, with spectacular views of the lake!DSCN4887DSCN4889

Next up: we end our stay in Castel Gandolfo, with a trip down to the lake!

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