IMG_0880We boarded the tram, along with approximately twenty other people, just past the archway to the left of the entrance to the Palazzo Apostolico di Castel Gandolfo.  The tram would take us through the gardens that lay just outside of the Palazzo.  This was once the residence of the Roman Emperor Domitian.  So, during the course of the tour, we would ride past ruins dating from that period, as well as more modern additions to the grounds.  IMG_0884IMG_0881DSCN4815DSCN4817IMG_0885IMG_0888DSCN4818The tram takes you through most of the garden area, past monuments, ruins of the Cryptoportico, the Ippodrome, as well as other sights associated with the ancient Villa of Domitian.  You even ride past the Papal Farm, which still functions today.  You will see chickens, cows, sheep, as well as areas where vegetables are grown for the Papal table.  DSCN4823DSCN4825DSCN4824IMG_0893IMG_0896IMG_0894IMG_0903IMG_0905DSCN4827DSCN4828The tram tour lasted about an hour, and there is an audio guide, which explains what you are seeing, along the way.  Tickets cost €20.00 for the tour.  Admission to the Palazzo Apostolico is €11.00.  Tickets may be purchased in advance on the Vatican Museums website, or in person, at the ticket office of the Palazzo.

Next up: a walk down to Lago Albano, as well as more of lovely Castel Gandolfo!

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