VARESE – Day 1

I chose a town relatively close to Malpensa Airport, for my next destination.  I only had three more days left on this trip, and I wanted to pack as much into them as possible.  So, after careful consideration, I chose to visit the city of Varese.  Varese is located approximately 55 kilometers north of Milano, and it would only take me a little over twenty minutes to get to the airport by a taxi, when I had to catch my plane back to the States.  Saving that extra time, on the morning of an international flight, is a blessing, so I went ahead and booked a room for myself at the Repubblica di Oz Rooms, on  DSCN2348Located at #3 Piazza Giovine Italia, in the heart of the historical center of Varese, Repubblica di Oz is a lovely B&B, with six different rooms, each one beautifully decorated, and quite spacious.  For the next three nights, I would call the “Napoleone” room my home.DSCN2340DSCN2339DSCN2343DSCN2344DSCN2347Leaving the room to explore my new surroundings a bit, I found myself immediately charmed by this city, and its citizens.  I found myself thinking that this is the kind of place that would be lovely to live in — to call home.  It has everything — history, charm, art, style — many shops and boutiques selling high-end clothing, etc.  DSCN2350DSCN2351DSCN2356DSCN2358DSCN2360DSCN2361DSCN2362DSCN2365These plaques I found inside of an arch, in front of the city’s main church, or duomo.  DSCN2371DSCN2374DSCN2375DSCN2381The archway, known as Arco Mera, built in 1850, connects Piazza Podesta with the Basilica di San Vittore.DSCN2386DSCN2384A monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi stands in the center of Piazza Podesta.  The one that we see today is a copy of an original, by Leone Buzzi.DSCN2397DSCN2388DSCN2392DSCN2390DSCN2405A few minutes’ walk away, you will find Piazza Monte Grappa — the heart of the city.  This large square was built during the Fascist period.DSCN2407It is on this square that you will find the tourist information office, as well as cafes and government offices.  DSCN2410DSCN2411DSCN2425DSCN2434DSCN2439DSCN2441DSCN2442DSCN2452DSCN2457DSCN2464DSCN2466Traces of Varese’s Gothic past are visible on the old windows of Casa Perabo, on Via Albuzzi.  DSCN2468DSCN2471DSCN2475DSCN2476DSCN2482DSCN2489The Chiesa di San Giuseppe was built in 1504.DSCN2491DSCN2500DSCN2504DSCN2505DSCN2508DSCN2516DSCN2519Le Corti is Varese’s shopping mall.  I ventured inside to get out of the rain.  DSCN2520DSCN2526DSCN2534DSCN2533DSCN2541DSCN2546DSCN2547DSCN2495

Next up: more from Varese, including a visit to the Giardini Estensi!

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