ROMA – SPRING 2017 – Pt 5

DSCN2166DSCN2176DSCN2179There is nothing more inviting than an open passageway leading to an inner courtyard.  All you need to do is to take a few steps away from the street that you are on, and you find yourself in a space full of quiet and beauty!DSCN2180DSCN2181DSCN2182DSCN2184The Baptist Church of Roma, founded in 1963, is located in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, and is housed in a building that used to function as the stables for Palazzo Ruspoli, home of the Ruspoli Family.  DSCN2190DSCN2191In the same piazza, you will find the church which gives the square its name: San Lorenzo in Lucina.  DSCN2192DSCN2193The first church was built on the site in 366 AD.  DSCN2194DSCN2196DSCN2199DSCN2201DSCN2202DSCN2203DSCN2204The interior of the church is beautiful, with works of art by some of the world’s most important artists, including Gian Lorenzo Bernini.DSCN2206DSCN2207The Capella Fonseca is a masterpiece by Bernini.DSCN2213Nearby is the Chiesa di San Marcello al Corso, which, according to tradition, was built over the prison of Pope Marcellus I.DSCN2223DSCN2222DSCN2227DSCN2228DSCN2229DSCN2237DSCN2238DSCN2239DSCN2242DSCN2243DSCN2248DSCN2255DSCN2257DSCN2260DSCN2261DSCN2264DSCN2268DSCN2269DSCN2271A small monument pays tribute to Ercole Rosa – an Italian sculptor.  DSCN2272DSCN2274DSCN2276DSCN2278DSCN2279DSCN2280DSCN2283DSCN2287DSCN2292At Via dell Orso 16, a plaque commemorates the fact that the architect/poet Mario Fagiolo, or as he was better known, Mario dell Arco, was born there.  DSCN2294DSCN2299DSCN2300DSCN2301As I was walking along Via degli Acquasparta, I stumbled upon a Wall of Dolls, which immediately commanded my attention.  This memorial to victims of domestic violence, from all parts of Italy, is a moving testament to a problem that is, unfortunately, worldwide.  DSCN2303DSCN2302DSCN2309DSCN2315DSCN2320DSCN2322DSCN2325DSCN2326DSCN2327DSCN2328DSCN2331


Next up: a visit to the beautiful, northern city of Varese!

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