MODENA – Day Three

DSCN9637DSCN9640DSCN9642DSCN9647.JPGDating back to the 1600’s, the Chiesa di San Vincenzo was built by the Theatines.  DSCN9646DSCN9651DSCN9650DSCN9655DSCN9656The Teatro Comunale di Modena is the city’s opera house and is now named after Pavorotti.    DSCN9725DSCN9660DSCN9662 I made my way over to the garden area of Palazzo Ducale, which is now a public park.  DSCN9670DSCN9676The Palazzina Vigarani is the home of art exhibits, and is well worth checking out.  Admission was free at the time of my visit.  DSCN9705DSCN9714DSCN9707DSCN9716Afterwards, I continued to explore the park, outside.DSCN9679DSCN9683DSCN9693DSCN9697I walked back down to Palazzo Santa Margherita and the city’s Civic Art Gallery.DSCN9719DSCN9721After visiting the small, but interesting museum, I wandered around the streets of Modena for a while.DSCN9732Having seen the gardens of Palazzo Ducale, I made my way over to Piazza Roma and the front of the grand building.  DSCN9739DSCN9742Piazza Roma is big.  It needed to be, as it functioned as a sort of receiving hall for the Palazzo that faced it.  Official court celebrations were held here, and the Estense Family would often welcome visiting dignitaries in the huge open space.  DSCN9743Located in the piazza is the monument to Ciro Menotti – a leader of the insurrection of 1831.  Legend has it that the statue of the hero is facing the actual gold drawing room of the Palace, in which he was later condemned to death.  DSCN9745DSCN9746DSCN9741DSCN9757DSCN9759DSCN9762DSCN9766DSCN9769DSCN9775DSCN9777DSCN9778DSCN9787DSCN9806DSCN9807DSCN9809DSCN9810DSCN9811Begun in 1923, the Monumental Temple to the Fallen of WWI, is just that — A memorial to those who lost their lives in the first World War.  DSCN9816I do not have a license to drive in any country – and believe me, everyone should be grateful for that fact!  But, even though cars have never been “my thing”, I have to say, I had a great time at the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari.DSCN9819DSCN9820DSCN9825DSCN9827While the ticket price may seem a little high (16 euros per person), it is well worth paying this place a visit.  You get to stroll around two large rooms with cars in them, and then, there is a short film presentation, which was quite fun!DSCN9828DSCN9836DSCN9842DSCN9846DSCN9848DSCN9851DSCN9855DSCN9899DSCN9901DSCN9928After a fun museum experience, walking around the city is a nice way to unwind, and get some sun and air.DSCN9935DSCN9937DSCN9940DSCN9948DSCN9942DSCN9945DSCN9947DSCN9952DSCN9957DSCN9959DSCN9963DSCN9965DSCN9969DSCN9972DSCN9978DSCN9980DSCN9982DSCN9987DSCN9989


Next up: the charming city of Bologna!


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