MODENA – Day Two

DSCN9232My knowledge of the city of Modena, before visiting, was restricted to the fact that it was a center of balsamic vinegar production, and also the birthplace of the great Italian tenor, Luciano Pavarotti.  Aside from those two facts, I knew little about the place.  So, it was with great excitement that I set out to explore more of this lovely city.DSCN9233DSCN9235The Chiesa di San Bartolomeo was built by the Jesuits between the years of 1607-1629.  DSCN9236DSCN9239DSCN9242DSCN9249DSCN9250DSCN9251DSCN9252DSCN9254DSCN9257DSCN9261DSCN9266DSCN9265DSCN9268DSCN9271DSCN9275DSCN9277DSCN9279DSCN9282DSCN9284DSCN9288DSCN9294The Chiesa di Sant Agostino was built in 1338, but underwent reconstruction in the 1600’s.DSCN9295DSCN9293DSCN9296DSCN9298DSCN9299The Palazzo dei Musei is Modena’s largest museum complex.  Inside is housed the Estense Lapidary Museum, the Giuseppe Graziosi Museum, the Luigi Poletti art Library, the Municipal Historical Archives, and also the Estense University Library of Modena.  DSCN9316DSCN9317DSCN9320DSCN9321DSCN9324DSCN9328DSCN9329DSCN9331DSCN9342DSCN9351DSCN9352DSCN9353DSCN9359DSCN9360DSCN9361DSCN9362DSCN9365DSCN9377DSCN9379DSCN9381DSCN9398DSCN9401DSCN9402DSCN9403DSCN9404DSCN9409DSCN9411DSCN9413DSCN9415DSCN9355The Novi Ark Archeological Park is a small park, where archeological remains were found — some discovered while building the car park that sits under the green area.  DSCN9419DSCN9422DSCN9425DSCN9427DSCN9429DSCN9431DSCN9434DSCN9436DSCN9441DSCN9443DSCN9446DSCN9448DSCN9449DSCN9457DSCN9460DSCN9461DSCN9466DSCN9468DSCN9474DSCN9481DSCN9488DSCN9484DSCN9493DSCN9494DSCN9496Another fact that draws people to Modena is that it is home to Osteria Francescana – Massimo Bottura’s three Michelin starred restaurant.DSCN9498DSCN9510DSCN9511DSCN9512DSCN9513DSCN9514DSCN9515DSCN9522DSCN9525DSCN9526DSCN9530DSCN9531DSCN9538DSCN9547DSCN9551DSCN9561DSCN9573DSCN9586DSCN9382I was very excited that I had made a reservation for myself at L’Erba del Re.  Chef Luca Marchini serves creative, high-end cuisine that is both thrilling, and delicious to eat!  I highly recommend dining here when in Modena.  DSCN9383


Next up: still more from Modena, including a visit to the Ferrari Museum!

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