DSCN4791Our next stop, after Trapani, was Marsala, where we would be staying for three nights.  It only takes approximately 45 minutes to drive from one to the other, so we decided to make a stop at the Museo delle Saline, on the way.  The museum is located off of the main coastal road that runs from Trapani to Marsala.  The signage is good, so it was fairly easy to find the place.  We passed a funky, old World War II bunker, along the road.DSCN4789.JPGThe Salt Museum, or Museo delle Saline, is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.  I found it to be highly educational, as well as strikingly beautiful, in an odd way.  DSCN4796DSCN4809DSCN4807DSCN4808DSCN4812The cost of admission to the Museo is €2.50.  You are given a short tour inside of the building, and then, you are free to roam around outside, for as long as you like.  DSCN4830DSCN4837DSCN4860DSCN4863At times, walking along the marsh area, you forgot you were in Sicily, and instead, if it weren’t for the warm weather, could be convinced that you were walking along a snowy landscape.  DSCN4868DSCN4889DSCN4869DSCN4876DSCN4896Nearby, the marshes were filled with flamingos.  DSCN4904DSCN4909I had booked myself a lovely one bedroom apartment in Marsala, Casa Vacanze Diaz, for the unbelievable price of €144.00 for three nights.  The place was spacious, clean, and very nicely decorated.  It was also located right on the northern end of the old town.  DSCN4929DSCN4930DSCN4933DSCN4937DSCN4938DSCN4934.JPGMarsala is the 5th largest city on the island of Sicily.  It has approximately 83,000 inhabitants.  The city’s main claim to fame is the delicious wine, which earned the place the nickname “City of Wine.”  DSCN4947DSCN4948DSCN4951Porta Garibaldi is one of the city’s main gates.DSCN4953DSCN4956If you walk through Porta Garibaldi and turn to the left, you will be at the entrance of Marsala’s marketplace.  During the morning hours, the stalls are filled with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.  In the afternoon hours, it is literally deserted!DSCN4962DSCN4967DSCN4971DSCN4989DSCN5001DSCN5007DSCN5028The Giardino Villa Cavallotti is a lovely small park, along the north end of the city.DSCN5036DSCN5037DSCN5042DSCN5045DSCN5055DSCN5057DSCN5065DSCN5070DSCN5071DSCN5091DSCN5095DSCN5097DSCN5103DSCN5105DSCN5108DSCN5123DSCN5135DSCN5141DSCN5148DSCN5153


Next up: more from Marsala, including a visit to the island of Mozia!


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