I decided to spend my last day in Monopoli exploring the newer part of town, and then, taking a walk along the coastline to the north and south of the city.IMG_6053IMG_6081In Piazza Manzoni, at the edge of the Centro Storico, there are some Roman ruins.IMG_6083IMG_6084IMG_6086IMG_6091IMG_6093IMG_6098IMG_6101IMG_6105IMG_6113.jpgI wish we had places like this in New York City! IMG_6119IMG_6121IMG_6126IMG_6134IMG_6136IMG_6141IMG_6144IMG_6156Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is a large square, which is basically the heart of the newer section of the city.  The streets, along this open space, are lined with shops and cafés.  IMG_6161Il Monumento ai Caduti is a beautiful monument, in the middle of the piazza.  IMG_6166IMG_6170IMG_6176IMG_6223IMG_6235Villa Comunale is a lovely little park.  I was instantly charmed by the two octopus fountains.  IMG_6230IMG_6234IMG_6238IMG_6249IMG_6258IMG_6271IMG_6272IMG_6276IMG_6277IMG_6286IMG_6296Not far from the train station is the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio.  This lovely church faces a nice piazza, and while I was there, the space was full of young people — students at the Music Academy there.IMG_6301IMG_6312IMG_6306IMG_6309IMG_6313IMG_6319IMG_6321IMG_6336I headed back into the Centro Storico, or Old Town, to begin my walk along the coast in the northern part of the city.  In this part of Puglia, there is a pedestrian/bike path that goes for miles.  In Monopoli, near the sea, in a small public park, there are maps that show the paths.  IMG_5846IMG_6354IMG_6360IMG_6369IMG_6380IMG_6395IMG_6393IMG_6400IMG_6404After about an hour of so of walking, I turned back and headed into town, wanting to give myself enough daylight to head south for an hour or so.  IMG_6410IMG_6414IMG_6420IMG_6421IMG_6430IMG_6433IMG_5855IMG_5857IMG_5861IMG_5867IMG_5878IMG_5900IMG_6473IMG_6474IMG_6490IMG_6440



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