Rome – May 2016 – Part 3


Rome is a city that is fun for adults and kids alike.


Villa Aldobrandini hosts a beautiful park that has only recently been opened up to the public of Rome.  For years, I would walk along the sidewalk, looking up at the massive walls, on top of which sits the park, and wonder what it might be like up there.  Well, this time, I got a chance to find out.  And I was enthralled!  This is a lovely public space, with great views of the city down below!


The Mercati di Traiano is a fascinating museum.  An exhibition of Roman stamps and seals, called “Made in Roma,” was very interesting, but the real charm of the space is simply its ancient history, as a marketplace.  Once you have purchased a ticket, you can explore at your own pace.  Audio guides are available, but there are also signs explaining things as you go along.  I love visiting this unique site!  And the best thing is, because they are constantly excavating and discovering new things, each time I go to this museum, I see something that I had not seen on a previous visit.



Next up: More from the Eternal City!


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