ROMA – MAY 2016 = Pt 2

I could walk the same streets time after time and still see different things when I am in this most beautiful of cities!DSCN9496.JPGDSCN9501.JPGDSCN9504.JPGDSCN9506.JPGDSCN9507.JPGDSCN9508.JPGDSCN9510.JPGDSCN9516.JPGDSCN9525.JPG

The Caravaggio Experience was an amazing exhibit in which one was surrounded by images and closeups from the artist’s work.  This enabled the viewer to see the paintings in a new and informative way.  I loved every second of it.


Largo Argentina is one of the city’s spots that I always like to visit.  Besides being the site of incredible ruins, the area is also famous as a cat sanctuary.  It is possible to adopt one of the homeless felines, if you are so inclined, or simply to watch them as they lay in the sun, or wander around their timeless home.


That said, the cats of Roma are at home practically anywhere!


Quattro Fontane is an intersection which has a beautiful water fountain at each of it’s four corners.  DSCN9592.JPGDSCN9593.JPGDSCN9595.JPGDSCN9596.JPGDSCN9599.JPGDSCN9613.JPG

Roma is a city of parks, and in every park there is a statue, or two!  I love discovering these places.  DSCN9621.JPGDSCN9616.JPGDSCN9644.JPG

The Chiesa di Sant Andra al Quirinale is a lovely church, often overlooked by the tourists that arrive in the Eternal City.  Inside of the church, for a small fee, it is possible to visit the rooms that belonged to Sant Stanislaus Kostka, in one of which is a moving statue by Pierre Legros, depicting the dying saint.  dscn9670dscn9675dscn9699dscn9710dscn9725DSCN9732.JPGDSCN9735.JPG

The Palazzo del Quirinale is one of the three homes of the President of the Italian Republic.  It is possible to visit this magnificent structure, but only with advance reservations and ticketing, and all foreign visitors must have their documents (passports) with them.  There are two different tours available.  The longer and slightly more expensive tour includes the gardens behind the Palazzo and the display of historical carriages.  Photos are not allowed during the visit, but that didn’t seem to stop many of the others that I was with from taking them.DSCN9737.JPGDSCN9738.JPGDSCN9748.JPGDSCN9762.JPGDSCN9767.JPGDSCN9768.JPG

Coquis is the cooking school in Colline Fleming, where Roma’s future star chefs learn their craft.DSCN9772.JPG

Villa Brasini is a lovely structure in the northern section of the city.DSCN9775.JPGDSCN9779.JPG

Stadio della Farnesina is a nearby running track.  DSCN9794.JPGDSCN9796.JPGDSCN9798.JPGDSCN9799.JPGDSCN9801.JPGDSCN9809.JPG

For those seeking nature walks, there is always hiking along one of the trails that line Monte Mario.  Walking these paths, it’s easy to forget that you are in the middle of a large city, as one quickly becomes enveloped in it’s dense wooded area.DSCN9813.JPGDSCN9817.JPGDSCN9828.JPGDSCN9844.JPG

The French Cemetery is located on Monte Mario.  When I was there, it was not possible to visit it.  DSCN9845.JPGDSCN9852.JPG

At one point, one gets a fantastic view of the Olympic Stadium.DSCN9867.JPGDSCN9876.JPGDSCN9882.JPGDSCN9898.JPG

Next up: more from the wonderful city of Roma!



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