Piombino – Day 2 – Part 1

I woke with a plan for the day, all set in my head.  I had checked the weather online, before leaving the apartment, and the forecasters promised a sunny morning, with a chance of showers in the afternoon.  That being the case, I thought that this might be a good opportunity to explore the Parco Punta Falcone, which was right behind the Marina di Salivoli.


So, with a goal in mind, I left the apartment, and headed out on my little adventure.  I found a pedestrian pathway across the street from the apartment complex, which looked promising.  So, I took it!


The pathway took me past a parking lot, at the north end of which, there was one of  the entrances to the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park.  Somehow, I had missed the path to Punta Falcone.  Oh, well!  Since I was there, I thought that I might as well explore this park a bit.  I remembered, from the online maps that I found, that this park was quite large.  And, it is!  I began to walk along an old Roman road, which is now a path used by hikers and dirt bike riders, and which runs along the shore.  Further into the park, I knew that there were things that I wanted to see, including ruins.  I wasn’t sure just how far I was going to get, considering the forecast for the day and all, but I decided to leave it all to fate, and began to walk.  Within minutes, I was rewarded with some of the most incredible views imaginable!


Every so often, it was nice to look back, and see how far I had gone.


On the park’s website, they warned that the pathway included two bridges, which might be a hindrance to some people.  I came upon one of them!


I came upon a sign that showed you exactly where you were in the park.  By now, I had been walking for almost two hours, and to be honest, I really had not gotten that far into the park at all!  Knowing that the weather forecast was not great, I decided to head back towards town, saving the rest of the park and its treasures, for another visit.


Two guys, on dirt bikes, were the only other ones out in the park that day.  There were still plenty of areas for me to explore in the actual city of Piombino.  So, I headed back there.  All along the shoreline, there are paths that one can take to access a small beach, or a fishing area.


Even the utility sheds, in Piombino, make you smile!


Next up: Part 2 of Day 2 in Piombino!


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